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Friday, August 24, 2012

Sugar Paste is my friend

Even though I try to stay away from sugar, one thing I always use is sugar paste, or fondant. It is a wonderful, pliable material, so easy to make any king of sculpture. And makes any party fun or a nice gift, like this Venus Flytrap cake. What I usually do is baking a cake a in a terracotta pot, that was washed and lined with parchment paper. After cooled, the top is covered in chocolate frosting and crumbled chocolate cookies, to make the dirt. For this cake in the picture, there was no time to get a terracota pot, so a regular cake pan was used for the cake, and the topping was made the same way. At last the fondant was made in different colors using food coloring, then the face and little details were added. Just one tip, if the sculpture is big, it is better to make a day before, so it can dry, become more firm and don't collapse. Is this cake photogenic or not?.