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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The cake I made for my mother(s)

Me and my husband had a chance to bring our mothers several times from Brazil. They lived in the same city, traveled together year after year to see us, and got used to airplanes, flying, and traveling (something that they never had the opotunity to do). They got along very well and my mother-in-law always made sure my mother was fine and happy, and that's why I consider her a mother too. But there was this one time that they got robbed at gunpoint hours before flying, and had their whole luggage taken (thankfully nobody got hurt). On that day, they were so scared that they called us cancelling the trip. But since their passports and plane tickets were safe with them, we convinced them to come. At JFK, between all the people arriving holding their luggages, we saw them holding each other and laughing. It was funny and sad, because everybody else was carrying a lot of bags, and they had all their clothes stolen. So in order to distract them from the event, we had a little party with friends and I made one cake for each. So I just made two simple cakes, and used fondant to make the roses. It is not a complicated process to make the roses, shaping the individual petals and folding around each other. Then the roses were placed around the cake, and some bows to make it prettier. Having the chance to show our moms another country was incredible. And I consider myself very lucky that I got to show my mother the life I chose to live, and the meet the city she always saw in the movies. They enjoyed their trip as always, and went back with a whole new wardrobe.