Made by hands, expressed from the heart.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Wedding Birds

Sometimes it is not easy to please a bride, but making a gift from your heart is always meaningful, in my view. My nice co- worker Sally is planning her simple, inexpensive, and relaxed wedding. Her family will get together in a small island, bring the food by boat, cook together and celebrate their union. She was trying to make the cake topper herself, but I decided to step in and help her. The choice she made was these two little birds, and I tried my best using Fimo clay. It is very easy to model, come in different colors, and hardens when is baked. The legs had to be made by wire, then covered with the clay, baked separately and then glued to the body. In order for them to stand up in the wood base, I had to leave a longer piece of the wire by their feet, so I could stick it in a whole made in the wood. The girl bird's clothes and the top piece of the hat was made of fabric, then glued with glue gun to secure. The boy's tie was made of a real tie from the groom, and glued as well. I hope it looks good on the cake.