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Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Party!!!

Party in the summer is always fun. Party with family members you see once every other year, is the best!! My dear cousin from Divas came from Brazil with her family, my sister came from West Virginia for vacation, and my good friend Dinarte was back from Portugal so he came to join us. I always wanted a Luau Party, so working around this theme, I planned an evening of entertainment and food. Planning my table, I made one piece myself for the center of the table, that could be used for cupcake holder or just decoration. I don't know if martini glasses have anything to do with Hawaii, but they looked nice at the table, especially with the little umbrellas. They were both inexpensive and found at Party City .
Then went to Michaels to make a centerpiece for my table. For the base, I stacked two large styrofoam wreats glued together, and cut a disc with cardboard to glue it on top. Then used scrapbook paper to wrap around and on top. For the second level I did the same thing, using a smaller diameter styrofoam wreath. For the smallest cylinder on top, I cut an empty container of oatmeal, and wrapped the same way. At last the fun part, I found stickers related to the theme, and put ll over it. Just for the Luau sign to stand up, I had two wine corks with barbecue sticks to help hold the sign. It dressed the table very well.
At the dollar store I found some lanterns and decorations related to the theme.
Notice the green and the red flames, they were attached to luau torches from Party City But the color flames came from Lowe's, and sold in cans.
And one last detail that made the night complete: NO MOSQUITOES! I found this product called Therma Cell, and had the best reviews to keep mosquitoes off from an area as big as 15X15 feet. It comes in a lantern light and the repelent come in refills that last 12 hours. We all spent hours outside at night, including the kids, and nobody got one mosquito bite. And THAT makes a perfect night.