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Monday, September 3, 2012

Personalized T-shirt for TOMORROW

Like every year, I forget something from the school list a day before school starts. This time was the art smock for my son. I gathered some painting material I had at home, and stole one of my husband's T- shirt. So I used this one product that amazed me, because it is a fabric paint, but you hold like a pen to write or draw, and gives a 3 dimensional finish to the painting, called ArtMinds 3D fabric paint. For some reason I can't find the same product online right now, but it is similar to Scribbles 3D Paint Pens It required a little bit of practice to squeeze the paint uniformly, but for any crafty person, it should be easy. Then it just need to dry overnight, and since it's been so humid, I'll leave next to the dehumidifier. It is great to have it at home so if you need a quick gift for the next day, you'll have it.