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Friday, September 7, 2012

School is Here! And cake too!

My youngest son started pre- school this year, and to celebrate his first day, I made this school bus cake. The easiest way to make it, it is to use already baked loaf cake and ready to use frosting. I used this idea from Family Fun magazine, and you can see the video here. But since I had a round baked cake in the freezer, I decided to e adventurous and try the technique the people on TV use: carve a frozen cake. And I found out it works perfectly, because it does not crumble as much. And it easier to go around with the knife. Once it was in the shape desired, it went back to the freezer. Then with a few drops of yellow food coloring mixed with room temperature frosting, I covered the frozen cake. Another change I made was to use my friend Wonton Wrap, to make the windows in the bus. Of course using fondant would be easier and get a better finish, but I just wanted to try the wontons. I just cut the wrap with a knife to the size I needed, draw with food coloring pens, and baked the piece flat for about minutes at 400 degrees (or just before started to get brown). Then I glued the pieces with frosting and used gel food coloring to draw the details around the windows and door. And for the wheels I used a little chocolate cake in a 100 calorie pack, it was the perfect size for my cake. And for final detail and more color around I placed some M&M's in the bus and around the bus. Everybody ate their dinner to have dessert, and had a fun way to remember that first day of school.