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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year's Desserts, Facebook inspired.

For the New Years party, I really didn't know what to make for dessert, but sure wanted lots of it.
That is why I decided to ask some virtual help and ask for suggestions on Facebook. It was exciting to see the responses, and made me wanted eat them all. And since I couldn't decide for one, I made all of them.
Note: I did not make full recipes, and put them in small serving dishes. Because I love sugar, have no control over it, and won't stop eating until it is finished.

My friend Dinarte from Portugal linked me to his favorite dessert, called Baba de Camelo, which translates to "Camel's Drool". The base of it is dulce de leche (made from condensed milk). The recipe follows here. It is delicious, no relation to the name.

Then my friend Alessandra, suggested me a Brazilian recipe called Torta Alema, or German Tart. It is a wonderful layer of cookies soaked in liquor, whipped heavy cream and topped with chocolate ganache. The recipe is on this site.

My friend Evelyn sent me this recipe that she usually makes in Brazil. She combines ice cream on the bottom (I used Vanilla), crushed wafer chocolate candy (like Kit Kats), Brigadeiro ( Brazilian dessert that is made from condensed milk), and whipped heavy cream on top. Check this out.

Then both my aunt tia Maria Odete and my sister-in-law Camila suggested me a dessert called pave. Later in the post, more people recommended the same dessert, my friend Ozana and my cousin Harumi. So this one I had to have. I remembered my mother making one with strawberries, so that is what I made. Bottom layer of cookies soaked in milk, then some sliced strawberries, a custard cream in the middle, topped with whipped cream.

My cousin Simone said her mother makes her this wonderful sweet every year. It is a layer of cookies, coconut custard cream, topped with whipped heavy cream. It was easy and very tasty.

Then my cousin Elza said she likes Brigadeiro (the cooked condensed milk), mixed with crushed cookies. So then I also made it.

It was fun to make my friends favorite recipes, keeping in touch and showing them the pictures. But virtual party or not, and the calories are very real. So next week I will go to the gym. For now we enjoy the after party.