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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The International Space Station. Cake.

My husband is a big fan of intellectually over accomplished people, and astronauts are a great example of them.
He first started following the pictures of col. Chris Hadfield, when he started sending pictures from space, in the months he spent at the International Space Station (ISS). He read his book, bubble wrapped the signed copy, and gets e-mails notifying when the ISS is passing in our sky line (and he runs outside to see the flash of light cross the sky).
So for his birthday, I tried my best to make a ISS cake, together with col. Chris Hadfield and his guitar.
A couple of days ago, I made a little guitar and an astronaut with fondant.

Today it was completely dry, so I was able to paint with food coloring, and make all the details to look like him.

To make the ISS, I made candy clay, colored with food coloring, and made the panels that stay on the side of the station.
Using the same candy clay, I modeled the rest of the details as best as I could.

Then this morning I baked this wonderful and healthy coconut flour, coconut butter and coconut sugar cake. The recipe I got from Nourished Kitchen. After cooled, I covered with frosting colored in blue, and placed all the pieces on top.
To cover a few bumps and imperfections on my frosting, I made a few stars with the candy clay.

And the kids got to play with the cake, before we ate it. They recorded a short video, and I edited on
(check it out, it is pretty cool).

International Space Station Cake