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Thursday, January 23, 2014

So, now what?

Changing plans for the day is not what everybody wants, but when your kid gets sick and has to miss school, there is not much you can do. So my 5 year old was feeling sick, and I decided to have him stay at home. He was feeling sick, but not enough to sleep or rest.
So first thing I did in the morning was to read a story. It was a book on how to make cartoons, and it was very good because it made him decide to draw.

After that, he found my supply of clay, and asked if he could use some. That gave me a few more minutes to straight up the kitchen.

On snack time, there was nothing he wanted to eat, until he saw grapes. Then I remembered seeing chef Jacques Pepin on the Rachel Ray Show, when he made some bunny grapes. This is how he made:
Cut a small slice on the side of one grape.

Place the bigger piece standing up, using the cut part as a base. Then cut a piece diagonally (even though it doesn't look like in the picture), not all the way down.

The small piece is almost cut in half, leaving and end intact.

Place the smaller piece to make the ears, in the slit of the bigger piece of grape.

I cut the pieces, and let him make the bunnies.

Then everything in the same shape could be made into a bunny.

After eating the grapes, there was time to brush the cat.
Then he finally got tired and went for a nap.

Hopefully tomorrow he will be good enough to go to school.