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Sunday, January 5, 2014

No more fear of snow.

Spending the first 27 years of my life in a tropical country, I never learned how to enjoy winter, snow and low temperatures. I can say that after almost 18 years here, I finally learned how to properly dress for this climate.
So I decided that this year, I will no longer be afraid of the cold, and I will enjoy the weather.
First I had to do some research on how you can do that. I spotted great ideas on different websites, Parents magazine had several activities for snow day, and friends told me they used to play with food coloring in the snow.
So the day before the snow storm, I placed water mixed with food coloring in paper cups. They sat on the garage floor, away from the wind and snow, but still cold.
Something else tropical mostly people always dream of is to build a snow man. Looking in the movies seem easy, but for me it required some reading before. Last year I tried to make one, and the powdery snow didn't stick together. I learned that it has to be slightly wet, so this time I brought a spray water bottle outside.
First I started making a pile of snow. Once I started spraying water, I found out it was not very effective, so I had to pour water on top of snow to make it more solid.

Once it was tall enough, I began to shape up with my hands. I really thought it didn't look like a snowman, but more like a bear. So I started to shape the bear, using my hands and a piece of wood for sharp details.

I used one of the frozen colored water and placed on his hands (paws).

To make eyes and nose, I used leftover black fondant (which later melted, so next time I will be using clay).

I had some food spray paint, to make the paw prints.
I placed the frozen colored water cups left on the garage the day before.

Then when I went crazy, and started painting with food colored mixed in water, in an old water bottle with a whole on the cap.

It was fun, an also an intense workout. Very sore now.
So 2014 is the year that I learned how to have fun in the snow. My kids had a blast...

... and we warmed up after with some sugar cookies. This time I was able to make a snow man.