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Friday, January 3, 2014

Lots of indoor activities, because it is too cold.

The snow was so beautiful this morning, but when we attempted to play out, we didn't last ten minutes out. May be the freezing winds, or because my son's snow pants were too short and his legs were freezing.
So we ran back inside, and I was back in the web to find ideas on how to have fun indoors.
The first thing I saw I could make, was recycled crayons. We have lots of little pieces all over the place. So I learned that they can be melted, and reshaped.
I first placed the pieces in a clean soup can.

Then place them in boiling water, and wait until melted.

Using a protective glove or a towel, hold the can and pour the hot, melted wax in ice trays.

Wait until is cold and hard.

They were perfect to use.

Something else I read we can make in a snow day, is snow ice cream.
I grabbed a good amount of clean snow first.

Then mixed with orange juice and sugar, until it looks like a sorbet.

The last thing we decided to do, is playing with puppets. Since I didn't have any socks to spare, I used m paper to make doll puppets. First I cut the shapes.

Then me and the kids used our imagination to color them with markers.

I had some leftover straw to tape it to the back of the dolls, to make into puppets.

And Anderson wanted to make a spaceship for his aliens, so I made some planets. We hang them on the New Year's decorations.

Caio made ninjas, and he made also a "dojo" for them to train.

By the time we were finished, it was nightime, and we had a full day of activities, without having to freeze off outside.