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Thursday, April 9, 2015

What to do with a empty can? A pirate adventure.

I used a large can of tomatoes to make some tomato basil soup, and my son wanted to use the empty can. So we decided to make a little toy.
Before anything, I made sure there were no sharp parts (I used those cans that the top pops up to open, plus I covered with a paper tape).
We decided on a pirate ship. So first I started drawing the ship in the water, some sea creatures, and a treasure island, cutting then up next.
I covered the can with a blue paper (I only had tissue paper) for the background sky.
Then I glued the sea creatures and the island around the can.
And for the outer part that moves, I cut two pieces of clear paper ( I used acetate sheets) that had the measurements of the outside of the can.
I glued the pirate ship with the water in one piece, then placed the other one on top.
Last I placed the clear part around the can, loosely, closing with scotch tape.
So then it can be moved around, to change scenes.
You can see in this video: