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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Basket.

There are so many amazing ideas that pop once in a while on the Internet, and this time seem to be perfect for this time of the year.
This bread in the shape of a basket looked ideal for a Easter appetizer, breakfast, or a edible decoration for a party table.
I forgot to take pictures of the beginning of the process, but if you go to DIY Cozy Home, they show all the pictures for how to make this bread basket.
I made a basic dough recipe in my bread machine (plus a tablespoon of chia seeds), and braided on top of a ceramic bowl (covered in aluminum foil), and baked.
Then braided and arranged in the baking pan for the handle and the top of the basket. For this step I remembered to take a picture.
After baked and cooled, the pieces were attached with toothpicks, and the basket filled with ham and cheese (again, click here to see the pictures on DIY Cozy Home).
It came out nice and tasty, and a good table decoration.
I say it was a successful trial.