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Friday, April 3, 2015

Pancakes in fun shapes.

Here is another idea I wasn't sure how it was going to work.
My cousin sent me a video o someone making a Peppa Pig pancake, using a squeeze bottle. It looked too simple to work that well, to look like a drawing. But...for my surprise, it does work (or at least my kids think it works)!
It is just a regular pancake batter in a squeeze bottle.
My son is here demonstrating, altough he wasn't sure what to make, and it didn't work out. I just took his picture because he couldn't hold the camera.
But the secret is making the outer lines first, and the details you want to show in the drawing, so they will cook first and you can see the lines better.
Also spray cooking spray every time you make a new one, so it will flip easier without breaking.
Once in a while the squeeze bottle would clog with flour, so I had to unclog quickly with a toothpick.
It wasn't that messy, except for washing the bottle. But tell me if that is not fun?