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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Decoding the pattern to find a way to a new dress.

I wanted to have a new dress for this Summer, and of course the ones I like are the ones I can't afford.
I saw this designer from Australia, and I loved this dress with a Japanese fabric cut and placed on the front of the dress. I would love to buy if I had U$200 to spend. But that is why I decided to make my own, with the risk of failing miserably.
The first step was to find a pattern that would resemble the design. I found Kwick Sew K4098 at Joannes fabrics, and it looked like something I could work with.
I decided to make a simple black dress, so I could place a fabric with a more fully detailed pattern on top. I found this piece on Etsy and it came from Hawaii.
I started to do the work in a quiet day, with no one else in the house to disturb.
Cutting a pattern is like working with a puzzle, or putting an Ikea furniture together: I had to read the instruction like a map, and decode the pieces to form the dress. After I cut the fabric, I had to label each cut piece with the same number as the pattern.
After making the front part, I cut and sewed my patterned fabric to the front of the dress. I found out it is a good way tho use more expensive patterns, because you don't need a lot and it gives a special touch.
After a full day of work and a completed dress, I realized my size is not the same size as the models they use for the patterns. I had to make a large to fit on my waist, but then the top looked gigantic.
But then I realized that is why fashion gurus tell you have to tailor your clothes, and make it fit to your body. So I pulled, and tugged, and cut excess fabric, to fit on my body.
So after a day and a half of work, I was satisfied with my new piece, even though it is not the finest tailored fabric.
But hopefully I will get there.