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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day and every day, recycle, plant and make it a gift.

This year we decided to start our garden from seeds, since I stay home and can take care of them.
After a seminar about seedling, I learned how to start seeds indoors and care for their transition outside. So then I planted peppers and tomatoes in the little greenhouse they advised me to buy.
But when it was time to plant my basil seeds, I had no more place to plant them. So I recycled a cardboard egg carton, and made a dome with skewers and plastic film. The reason to cover the seeds is to keep the moisture inside.
I kept them in my window, and placed water in the tray underneath. The seeds sprouted in 2 days, and after a week, they looked like little plants.
About 2 weeks later they were getting too big to stay in the egg cartons, so I transplanted them into bigger containers. The paper from the carton detached very easily when moved, because it was soaked in water, making easy to remove. Plus this type of container is very good for the soil.
I placed a few plants in a big container to place in my deck, some to plant later in the garden, and all the others I placed in all different little containers I found to recycle.
The next day the plants still looked happy and healthy, so I was happy I didn't kill them in the process.
And they became very nice, simple gifts to my friends.
Fresh basil for everyone.