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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Spring Fairy.

I my attempt to make my second doll, which I had no idea what she was going to look like, I started making her eyes. And this shape was different from my first one, that had only a circle eye.
I shaped the white part of the eye with polymer clay, baked, painted the colored part with Sharpies, then used liquid acrylic to make it shiny and more realistic.

The next step was to shape the head, arms and legs with polymer clay (sorry I didn't take a picture of them).
After baked I gave her some color in the face using pastel pencils. And also attached her eyelashes.
Then I sewed the body with fabric, and attached the head and limbs.

Here I glued her hair to the head.

When it was time to give her a dress, I saw this beautiful fabric at Jo-Ann, and decided it would look good for a fairy.
So I made her dress, and her wings. And put some flowers to make her a Spring Fairy.
There she is...