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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spider Man Party Final Preparations.

The day is coming, and I finished making a few items for the kids.
I made some masks made of red paper plates, using black puffy paint to draw the face.

I made a giant spider web so the kids can play "toss the spider". The spider was made from a styrofoam ball with legs made of piper cleaners.

I made some web snacks using pretzel sticks and melted chocolate.

This cool idea I saw somewhere in the web before, but I couldn't find it now to give the credits. Using Mini Baby Bell Cheese I first cut the eyes using my Exacto knife. Then cutting a piece of Saram Plastic Wrap, I drew the face using a black Sharpie. Then I wrapped the plastic in the cheese, and used a lollipop stick.

And finally the cake, I used two cake recipes to bake in two 13X9 cake pans. After baked and cooled, I stacked them to make a building shape.
The decorations I made out of fondant the day before. I made tiny garbage cans, garbage bags, doors, windows, latter, and other few details for the building.Let it dry for a few hours to paint with food coloring and paint brush.

For the walls of the building I pre colored the fondant, then opened with a rolling pin, cut to the dimensions of the cake, and made the details of the walls with a knife.

Attaching everything together after the I frosted the cake came out very cool.

After pictures it went back in the refrigerator, because the party is only tomorrow. Now I feel better the cake is ready and tomorrow will be a lot of fun. Hopefully I will be able to handle all the kids.