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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Coffee Filter Flowers.

It is teacher appreciation week on my kid's school, and today is flower day.
I needed to send specific flowers for each teacher, and decided to send paper flowers for them.
My sister told I could use coffee filters to make flowers, so I gave it a try.

Mrs. Shumsky likes hydrangeas, so I used a styrofoam ball and glued small petals that I cut.

After dried I used a green piper cleaner for the stem.

Mrs. Sommi likes Lillies, so I cut larger petals on the coffee filters.

Then a technique I learned from my father, I used the back of the scissors, and held the petal with my thumb on the other side. Then I pulled upwards, to make a little curl on the petal (you have to hold the base of the petal with the other hand- mine was holding the camera).
PS: Sorry for the bad manicure.

Then I taped them together around a pipe cleaner.

The pistils (really not sure if this is the correct name) of the flower I made using yellow polymer clay attached to a few pieces of wire.

And then I placed them in cones made from a brighter paper, and a pretty ribbon.

They came out nice and delicate, hopefully they will survive the bus ride with the boys.