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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Birthday two on the making: Spiderman Table.

My youngest son asked for a Spiderman birthday, and with two weeks left, I feel a little behind.
We started with choosing between cupcakes or cake, and he liked a cake in the shape of a building. I got engaged on the idea, and thought would be great to make a little city, with other buildings made of paper (because there is so much sugar we can have).
I found a couple of boxes to make buildings.
I covered with scrapbook paper, making the windows and details.

Then for the table, I covered with some wrapping paper, leaving the white side up.

And using acrylic paint, I made the streets and areas where the buildings are going to stand.

For the background, I reused my oldest son's old science project board, which was also wrapped in wrapping paper.

Then I roughly made a sketch of the background.

Then we painted with acrylic paint.

I also decorated water bottles with my superhero scrap paper.

Using some white string I tied some spider webs.

Putting everything together looks nice. I still have a few more days to make other decorations and prepare the food. In the meantime I see if I can find more cool ideas.