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Monday, May 5, 2014

Cherry Blossoms, Taiko, Muffins and a Moment of Realization.

Altough my face shows where my descendents came from, not necessarily I enjoyed being this way. Growing up in Brazil, I was very different from the other kids, and people are sometimes not nice about the fact you don't look like everybody else.
So I refused to participate of any traditional family gatherings, and didn't want to be reminded of who I was. And no matter where I was, I always had a feeling that I didn't belong.
But I think age bring us to understand the past, accept, stop the blame, and embrace the events of your lives.
So when my husband started learning Japanese, I started remembering words, understanding the culture, and becoming eager to learn more. Together with my husband and kids, I started learning to play Taiko, which is a traditional Japanese drum, at Ryu Shu Kan Japanese Arts Center in Long Island.
We became so excited, and I think the Japanese inside me came up.
Our Sensei invited us to perform on the Cherry Blossom Festival, and I think that was the moment my entire transformation happened. Looking at the costumes, the art, the language gave me a sense that I was in the right place.
Of course this is a crafts blog, and not a confessionary, so I am here also to show the muffins I brought to my friends at the festival.
I first made the flowers with fondant, using my flower Vegetable Cutter. Painted with Pink Icing and yellow pearl dust in the middle.

I used them to decorate a few banana muffins, and the recipe is here.

The Festival was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and our performance was very exciting.

I guess we all learn about ourselves every day, but right now I am glad I can honor the memory of my parents, and be happy about myself.
Thank you, thank you, thank you...