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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Very Hungry Catterpillar made at home.

I have my kids drawings and paintings all over the house. And even though I feel bad putting them in the garbage, there is just so much paper you can have over the years.
But once and a while I see something I want to save.
My son saw the story of The Very Hungry Catterpillar on Mrs Shumsky's class, and made some drawings on paper.

In the end I had a bunch of little drawings spread around the table.
So I decided to place them together in a book. To make more colorful, I glued each on some scrapbook papers I had in my craft storage.

I glued 2 pages together to make front and back, and used a hole puncher to make 2 holes in each page.

I used a thin ribbon to tie them together...

... and the book was ready.
*I just noticed I made a mistake on the end of the book. So I'll have to untie the ribbons and switch the page before the last one. But it will have to be later, because the laundry is waiting for me.