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Monday, June 23, 2014

Kindergarten is almost over...

School is almost over, and we really wanted to send a small, thoughtful gift for Mrs. Shumsky. She is a very sweet kindergarten teacher, and all the kids, as well as the parents, love to have her.
I really didn't want to send her sweets, like I usually do, or a gift certificate, sometimes my other option.
So my son saw the strawberries in our garden and wanted to bring them to her. And this is how I had this idea.
We first collected different herbs, little carrots and the strawberries from out garden.
Then I had him making labels for each one of them.
We labeled the herbs.
I wrapped everything in wrapping plastic (those you use to make baskets).
And placed everything in a gift box...
...along with my card saying thank you, for making Anderson's first year in Elementary School so great.
We will miss you Mrs. Shumsky. Booo-hooooo...