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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Chinese New Year: Year of the Horse!

Thanks to a third grade school project I learned a little more about Chinese New Year. And during research on the web, I found so many beautiful decorations and ideas that it would be sad not to make them.
So we learned that according to the legend, Buddha asked all the animals to meet on Chinese New Year. Twelve came, and Buddha named a year after each one. This is the year of the horse, so I found these cute horses on Amm, and she gives the pattern and instructions on how to assemble. I loved it!
Next for anything Chinese, we had to have dragons. The meaning of the Chinese dragon is believed to bring forth radiate power and bestow greatness, bravery, and intelligence (according to So I searched for dragons on kid's crafts, and found Click on the link. and you can print, the kids can paint and assemble. And it gives hours of playing.
The lanterns I found at According to different sources, each color lantern represents something different. In our case, red seem to bring good luck.
Trying to make fortune cookies was a little tricky, I couldn't make the dough be crispy. So on the second trial and a different recipe, they came out better. The recipe I got from It was fun for the kids to write the fortunes and make up their own.
Note: fortune cookies were not invented nor consumed in China, they were invented in California in the early 1900's.
And these colorful noodles I assume they are not traditionally Chinese at all, but they looked so colorful for the table...
I just made different batches and added food coloring to each one.
For these appetizers I used my won ton soy wraps and filled with leftover chicken. The signs on the sticks are from the lantern I printed, from

And we learned a little bit more, and we ate a bit too much. As usual.