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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Live with Kelly and Michael!

I was so excited I got to go with my friend Diane to see Live with Kelly and Michael show, that the day before I grabbed my clay to make them a little gift.
As best as I could, I made the little figurines kind of "cartoonish", and try to resemble them.
First I made Kelly,

then making Michael.

I just wanted to create something that would be cute and funny, on the hopes that it would get to their hands.

But in one of the commercial breaks, when they go and interact to the public, Kelly heard me calling her! And for my excitement, she saw the dolls and I was able to hand them to her. Then Michael saw them too, and they were so nice and grateful for the gift! And while I was grinning from ear to ear, they thanked me and looked at my face (I felt like I was looking at the TV).
I don't know if they will keep them, but I am just so happy that they had a good reaction, and that they were really nice to me. Oh, it was soo good...
And me and Diane had a great time at the show.