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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow day calls for beach party.

There was another snow storm last night, and I can't see any more white in front of me. I was already anticipating schools closing today. So like the sanitation department, I have been preparing for the snow and planned for a beach party.
This idea came while I played in the snow and made a snow castle, inspired in a sand castle.

Yesterday I decided to make a beach car to decorate the table (yes, I do have too much time in my hands now), using leftover pasta boxes.

I wrapped in white foam paper to cover all the sides, cut and glued the wheels and used acrylic paint to paint the car and the windows. Then I cut and glued other paper scraps to make the details.

Using also foam paper I made two surfboards, and painted the details with puffy paint.

While I prepared the table, the kids played with sand. This is called Kinectic sand and it sticks together, not spreading all over.

For quick snacks, I made some wraps in a cone shape, using this soy wrap that comes in different colors. It is called Takaokaya Soy Crepes. Some ham and cheese, spinach and carrots and done. I placed a dollop of guacamole on the plate.

I saw this fruit plate on the Internet, and used the idea. The life preserves are made from fondant.

The rest of the decoration was all from the Summer storage box, pretty useful to put snacks and other food available in the refrigerator.
Vanilla instant pudding.

Veggies chips.

Chips with babaganoush and salsa. A couple of olives for me.

So we got a little distraction from the snow, and I really really hope this is the last time I have to shovel, at least this year. Or until those boys get big and strong fast to do it for me.
And this is the video made this time:

A beach song to inspire a party in this cold day(s).