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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One costume ready! Spider-Man didn't take that long.

And one more time I made the mistake of telling the kids I would make their Halloween costumes.
After they made their choice, I was convinced that I would buy them, to save time and trouble to figure out how to make. But when I was about to pay almost eighty dollars for two costumes, I gave myself a chance to try to make something for much less money. One of them was Spider-Man
So the way I started the Spider-Man costume was finding a old navy blue T-shirt, with long sleeves. Of of them in the house had some kind of print or other color, so I put the T-shirt inside out (because is Halloween and you use only once).
Then I bought half of yard of red fabric at my fabric store Joann fabrics. I cut the shapes that are in red on that costume, and used a material called fusible web. First I placed the red fabric in the sticky surface, cut the shape of the red part, then iron on top of the blue T-shirt so they stick together.
The next step was to make the spider webs, and for that I used black 3D Fabric Paint. I started drawing the spider in the middle, then made the web around. It takes about 24 hours to dry, but I love the effect on it.
Then using red felt, I made the "cuffs" for the sleeves, also using the 3D paint.

For the head piece, I found this interesting hat at the Dollar Tree, and with the same 3D paint I added some webs.
And for the bottom part, I used some old blue pants, and attached a piece of red felt previously painted with the 3D paint.

I just hand sewn in a couple of spots so it wouldn't fall or move too much. Then I cut another red felt enough to go around his shoes, sewed just one spot in the back part, and made more spider webs.
Can't say if my costume is worth of a prize, but my son was pretty content with it.