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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Feathers for Halloween?

Walking through the aisles of Michaels, I found a bag of black feathers that would be great for a costume. But none of my boys wanted to be anything for Halloween that would take feathers. Just when I was looking at some pictures online, there was a jewelery bird skull with the black feathers around, and that looked like a perfect hat.
So I grabbed some of my paper clay and started my attempt to make some kind of bird skull.

*Note that I used a small eggplant to help me shape the round part of the skull.
It took about 2 days to dry.
After perfectly dry, I gently sanded around, then in the end painted with silver paint. I used Martha Stewart's Metallic Paint.

I used a foam constructor's hat from Michaels, and cut around the wings to make it smaller. Then using hot glue gun, I glued the feathers individually, all the way leaving space in the front, to glue the skull.

Then using the hot glue gun, I attached the skull to the hat and finished placing more feathers to hide the yellow part of the hat.

Previously I made the eyes, using Fimo clay, and using resin on top.
The legs were also made from Fimo clay, and painted in gold craft paint. After dries, I glued to the sides with hot glue gun.
After all together, is all make up and fun.