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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quick Minion Costume.

After trying different ways to make a Minion, from the movie Despicable Me, I gave up and decided to make it simple, and use pre-made shapes (Different ways include paper mache, big kitchen bowl, and trash can. All unsuccessful.)
I found a construction hat for kids at Michaels, which was the perfect color so I didn't have to paint yellow.
The next step was to find the glasses, and searching through the store, I found these pickle containers, and the lids seemed the perfect size for them.. To make the front glass part, I cut a plastic disposable container and glued with hot glue.
To make the eyes, I just cut white paper and painted the eyeballs, and glued in the hat.
In the end the lids were glued to make the glasses, and black paper to make the straps.
With the help of my husband, we put little lights on top of the hat, connected with a small battery inside. Then I found little plastic cups at Party City to make it look like an ambulance light.
But the real lights are not required, just used them because we had them at home.
For the rest of the costume, I went to Old Navy and found a yellow shirt and jeans ,that still can be used after Halloween. Since I could not find overalls, I cut a piece of old jeans to make the top part, and painted the letter "G" like the Minions have, using Puffy Paint
. And that it is, very simple, and the kid is happy. And not a lot of money spent.