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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Crochet Piggy for Baby Erin

So now that I learned how to decipher crochet language, I felt I should start making little animals. And I found out it is a great way to be productive while you have to sit and wait, like the train commute, and after school activities (when you have to sit for an hour waiting just looking around).
My Piggy didn't take that long to make, just two train trips to work and he was ready. And the instructions I found on Free Amigarumi Patterns.
His eyes look a little "alien-ish", but I didn't want to use buttons because it was a gift for baby Erin.
It doesn't look super delicate, because as a beginner, I made some mistakes and the legs are a little disproportionate.
But I think baby Erin won't mind, because she knows auntie Dulce made with a lot of love.