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Monday, October 14, 2013

Crochet is a long trip friendy craft

Long trips are sometimes a not very good use of time. But when I was about to take this 9 hour train trip from NY to Canada, I had to find something that I could make. And sitting the chair on the Amtrack train, I found one craft that can travel with me, and doesn't take so much luggage space: my crochet bag. And the long hours turned into a very productive time, if you like little stuffed animals. I started working on my yarn when we just left Penn station, and on my phone I found this free pattern for an elephant at Woolly Tons website. Also if there was any question about crochet terminology, I would find the video on you tube to see step by step. Good thing Amtrack has Wi-Fi, outlets to connect your charger, a cafe and a beautiful view of the Hudson river. So between coffee breaks, toilet visits, feeding the kids, I completed my elephant way before we crossed the border. And the weather went from rainy and gloomy to beautiful and sunny, as we traveled north. These little crochet animals called Amigarumi are great to make, because being small, they take less time to make, less yarn to use, and can be finished before your hands start to cramp. And before the trip was ended, an elephant was made, and I could still enjoy and see the scenery. And the kids had fun as they saw Elephante being made, crossing the Canadian border, and take him to see the beautiful view of Niagara Falls.