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Sunday, September 29, 2013

I can crochet!

I was always frustrated for my lack of ability in crochet, but I finally overcame my fear! I found a perfect place the teaches step by step, with a very clear view and a good quality video. I went to, and found a number of great videos that teaches different crafts, with an affordable price.
The video that I chose is Amigarumi Wooland Animals, and for beginners like me is ideal. My first project was a bird, but for inexperience and for skipping the materials page, I bought the wrong size wool, and the bird started to get gigantic. When I got to almost half, I was almost out of material. Since I was extra lazy to go buy more, I decided to end there and make a hat. I still had a little more wool, and thought would be fun to make cat ears.
And in the end was a good mistake, because I still needed a hat for winter.