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Friday, September 20, 2013

Thank you Mrs. Shumsky!

It is a relief to see a child going to school happy and excited to see his teacher. Especially when it is an early experience, like kindergarten. Nobody wants to drag your child crying and refusing to go to school (like I did to my poor mom), and I was a little apprehensive about first week.
And then when I finally met my son's kindergarten teacher Mrs. Shumsky on parent night, I saw why Anderson says she is so sweet and cute. She is like a little fairy, and has many years of experience with children. Me and my husband feel very fortunate to live in this school district, and Central Boulevard Elementary School is a great school for our kids.
It is really a gift to be able to make one child listen to you, so I can't imagine a class full of them, and for hours a day.
So my first instinct is to make something to show appreciation. I went to AC Moore and found these beautiful and inexpensive pieces of fabric, that would make a good fluffy pillow. They also had a small bag with small and colorful pieces of fabric, that would be nice for a quilt. In my case, a small quilt with a shortcut, because after I cut the pieces, I used Aleene's OK to Wash fabric glue.Using glue feesl like cheating, because I am not really sewing the pieces, but is a great time saver. And in the end, I applied some stitching around the clouds and the bird, to look more look a quilt (altough the glue made a little hard for the needle to go though). To write the letters I used a stitch called chain stitch, and here is the link to learn how to make. I decided to write "Shine, Love and Inspire", using different colors, even though I thought it was a poor choice for the light pink, that we can hardly see in the picture.
The next step was to close the fabrics around. I also do a lazy shortcut which is sewing the front, back sides, and ribbon altogether, and not inside out like the proper way.
After sewing around, I left a small hole to insert the cotton, and closed all the way.

Some small detail like a pink bow, and ready for delivery.
I say, if the teacher is good, appreciate and let her know. Thank you, Mrs. Shumsky!