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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hang in there, Lauren.

I work with Lauren once a week and even though sometimes she drives me bananas, she is a great person with a huge heart. She rescues and saves dogs and cats on a daily basis, volunteers her time to perform spay and neuter surgery, and dedicates every second of her life, her house, and even vacations to help animals. So when suddenly her house had a major water leak, so bad that damaged almost half of her house, that she had to relocate herself and the pets, the least I could do was to show some love. The demolition already started, and even having to sleep out of the house, she is still in good spirits.
I saw this sign of a hanging kitty that says "Hang in there." somewhere in the web, so it would be appropriate for her to have that sign. I found this mini canvas at Amazon and with the easel from Amazon, too. I painted with acrylic paint,and the sign I just wrote in a piece of cardstock.
Just with the wish that it makes her smile.