Made by hands, expressed from the heart.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Not so fancy but with love school snack.

We all want to know what our kids are doing when away from us, or if they are thinking about us. So a little reminder that "mommy loves you" is never too hard to do.
I made this delicious and healthier cookie mix from Hogson Mill chocolate chip cookie mix. It appealed to me not because is gluten free, but because it uses whole grains, brown rice flour, and because I trust their products.
After ready, I packaged them in a small Ziploc bag, always a hit for lunch bag. Then I cut a square of brown bag and made drawings of us.
But I think to make it personal, you don't need a drawing of yourself, or spend time trying to make a cartoon of your kids. I believe they will appreciate if you make a heart, or just write "I love you".