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Sunday, March 31, 2013

No time to cook Easter

I had so many plans for the Easter table: cakes, cupcakes, cake pops... but after a 12 hour shift the day before, sick husband today, and busy with kids all week, who wants to bake, cook, or clean? I even made an effort to drive to buy the baked goods this morning, but the stores were closed for Easter.
So I gathered whatever I found in the house. I placed a colorful tablecloth on the table, which was a dog curtain I had in storage. Then I grabbed all bunny toys, flowers and decorations around the house to place in the table.
Then I printed everything I could find for free in the Internet: Easter labels, chick flags, bunny signs.
I used a skewer to make flags, and the chicks were placed in apples.
I found this printable bunny cupcake decoration. I had no cupcakes, so I filled it with chocolate covered cranberries.
Earlier I made this bunny with a piece of fondant, something I always have in my house (I usually buy at Michaels when they are on sale, or if there is a coupon). Luckily my husband bought this cake roll yesterday, he brings it every week from BJ's. And I put strawberries around the cake to make it prettier..
Earlier in the week I had made some chocolate with the kids. I placed them inside these candy bags, and on top I put the printed tags attached with these Easter clips I had from last year.
And the Easter table is done. The kids woke up in the middle of my project, so they helped me finish, until they noticed the eggs the Easter Bunny left in the backyard.
Another holiday saved! Happy Easter!