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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Good Morning Sunshine!

Today is Sunday and a happy day, so it calls for a happy breakfast. I saw these cute ideas on different blogs, and recently I bought a few items that would help me to make a little nice plate for the kids.
The animal shapes bread cutter called Cutezcute I got it from, and they are easy to cut, easy to clean, and not very expensive. And don't worry about the leftover bread on the parts you don't use. They make very good croutons for salad or soup. The egg I placed on top of a base I made out of fondant. And then I made the bear face and paws using a black food coloring marker.
Then I also had these little vegetable cutters, and I cut some pieces of bananas and apples.
It is sooo good to be home on Sunday. And sure the kids appreciate it too.