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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Saint Patrick's!!

We don't celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in Brazil, and only now I am beginning feel all the excitement about this day. So this year I decided to make something to celebrate at home.
I decided to make cake pops for the kids, but I had no eggs or cake mix at home. So I found this great recipe for vegan red velvet. I got surprised that they came out fluffy in the baby cake machine.
Next I used fondant to make some details (a leprechaun beard, a rainbow and a "belt" for the hat)to be added to the pops, and painted with a paintbrush with food coloring.
To make the pot of golds, I first made the pot with black chocolate. Next I "glued" the fondant rainbow with melted chocolate, that had to harden laying down in a plate in the refrigerator.
Last I used Rice Kispies painted with golden spray to look like gold, and "glued" with melted chocolate.
For the hat I cut a muffin, made out from the same cake recipe, and cut a cylinder shape with a round cookie cutter. After the piece was frozen, I dipped in melted chocolate. After harden in the refrigerator, I made the base of the hat, with melted chocolate made into a circle shape. After refrigerated to harden the chocolate, I put the pieces of fondant o make the details.
For the leprechaun face, I used white chocolate, and made the beard and hair with fondant.
And that is another excuse for us to eat chocolate.