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Monday, March 25, 2013

School is out. What to do?

We all wonder what to during school vacation, especially when is cold out. So I gathered things I had at home to come out with an activity. Since Easter is close, I decided to show them how to make chocolate for gifts.
But first we needed chef aprons. There was a roll of paper present from last year, so I cut in apron shapes, used strings to tie, and had them decorate with stickers. That kept them busy for a while.
I also made a sign that said "Chocolate Factory", and had them paint and decorate.
While they painted, I used another wrapping paper and made chef hats. I first cut a rectangle long enough to go around the head. After measured around the head, I applied tape to make a tube shape. Then with a big square piece, I "crunched" the sides, stapled them, and kept folding the edges until it looked like a mushroom. Then I taped to the tube with scotch tape from the inside of the tube.
While they were busy running around with the aprons and the hats, I melted a small amount o orange an black chocolate and applied with a paintbush to the details in the chocolate mold.
Then I melted the chocolate they were going to use. After showing how to melt, I put it in this easy to pour funnel (I got it from It makes a tiny less messy for kids to work. Then they took it to refrigerate and see how it is done.
It is messy and requires a little patience. But I think is cheaper than paying for movie tickets and popcorn, and better than sitting in the computer all day. And in the process, they can learn they can start making things in the kitchen, and also to wash their hands before and not to sneeze in food.
But reminding myself, today is only Monday, and there is still a whole week to stay home. Let's see if I can come up with something else.