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Monday, October 29, 2012

Finally! Halloween Party.

I have been making Halloween decorations on the past few weeks, and today was the time to put everything together. My cupcake topper was full of cupcakes, my Head Hunter had strawberries dipped in chocolate as heads, and more Frankestein lollipops were displayed on the table.
My Frankenweenie head was used to have his own table. The "dirt" to make his grave was made from Oreo cookies (without the filling)that had been pulverized in the food processor. The skeletons and coffins were made with chocolate molds from Michaels. I also placed some of the skeletons on top of brownies, and used the same Oreo "dirt" on top of it.
The little tree branches o top of the caramel apples were a creation from my book Glitterville.
And the marshmallow popcorn was a recipe from Giada's Halloween show from food network( I added purple food coloring to the marshmallow after melted).
Thank God Halloween is just once a year. The kids were so busy playing that they hardly ate. It looks like I'll be eating all of this for the rest of the week.