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Friday, October 5, 2012

Countdown to Halloween!

I patiently waited for the month of October to stat my Halloween crafts. Looking for quick and cute ideas, I found some adorable Frankeinstein pops. The idea came from Kitchen Fun with my three sons. She shows step by step how to assemble this pop. But I didn't have all the material she used. I made mine using the same Graham crackers, but using a knife, I cut around to give a little shape to the head. For the filling I had some chocolate, so I melted and made a little sandwich (it also helped to secure the stick for the pop). And for the hair, I used my new best friend, ready to use Cookie Icing (since I have a really hard time making my own icing). For the eyes, mouth and his scar, I used my food coloring pen. It didn't take long to finish the whole thing. The hardest part was to take a picture with my kid.