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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mini Samurai.

My love with martial arts comes from a long date, so I was just amazed when I saw a picture of a samurai costume. This guy made his costume using Rubbermaid trash cans, and the details he added made it so beautiful that I had to try my own. Using different materails from the craft store to look more realistic, I also saw several pictures to inspire me.
The hat was made from a kid's safari hat, painted in black. Then I cut out the front, and added that big horn on top using a golden paper from the scrapbook section.
The body is made with black foam sheets. The red details are made using red piper cleaners. The shoulder pads were also cut out from a safari hat, painted in black and sewed into the neck part. Then to the shoulder pad I attached more pieces of black foam paper. The red circle is made of a pipe cleaner, and the little metal details are hooks from the sewing section. And the sword was bought also at Michaels, painted in black and strings cut out from a black T-shirt.
Finally to dress up, just a black outfit underneath and snow boots.
Well, maybe my costume doesn't look as good as the Rubbermaid Samurai guy does. But my son thinks it is pretty awesome.