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Saturday, January 24, 2015

That beautiful, ITCHY sweater...

I have this cute sweater from the 1950's, that belonged to my mom. She bought it in Brazil when she was young. And no way I would give it away. But it is so itchy, and besides is about 4 sizes smaller than me.
I kept it all this years, always trying to wear it, to walk with this piece of history with me. But it has been sitting in the closet for almost two decades.
That is when I was thinking how I needed another pair of leg warmers (they have been helping me a lot this winter). So I decided to transform the sweater into leg warmers (but still afraid I would ruin it).
With a pair of scissors, and a little bit of fear, I cut up the front and back of the sweater to make two big (not perfect) squares.
Then after wrapping around my calf and see the size was good, I closed the sides with my sewing machine.
I also used a zig- zag stich on the edges that I cut with scissors, to finish so the knitting won't undo.
To finish I used the pom- poms and hand sewed each on on the sides of my leg warmers.
Now I can carry this piece and remember my mom every winter.

She will continue to protect me and keep me warm.