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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Spring flowers, please...

It is still January, and Spring is a few months away.
So if nature won't bring me flowers today, I can make some.
I got on this flower making frenzy, and watched, downloaded, and bought tutorials about fabric flower making. I fell in love with this flower artist called Elena Bain
(she has some very good tutorials), and she makes gorgeous flowers. Her web site is
The first technique I learned was by burning the edges of a silk petal (I learned from THIS VIDEO. When in contact with heat, the fabric will curl.I was able to use these pieces of very fine Satin fabric. And I made two flower tiaras.
I made red roses using Silk, and glued them in a claw hair clip (I just learned this term). Another way I learned was curling the fabric using a round hot tool called millinery tools. I guess they can be only be found online, so I tried to use my melon baller, which resembles the shape. You can see this technique CLICKING HERE. Since I didn't use the proper tools, the result wasn't the way I wanted. But the flowers were pretty, anyway. The last type I learned, and the one I liked the most is this Japanese style technique. They are called Kanzashi flowers, and they are hair ornaments for traditional Japanese hairstyles. These I got very excited about, and made different types.
I learned from this very good video here: Basic Tsunami Kanzashi Tutorial. And she teaches these different types of flowers.
It takes a little more patience to make, but they come out very cute. They were all made using 1 1/2 inch Polyester ribbons, from Michaels.

I made a couple of hair clips.
And as I improve my flower making skills, maybe some more adventurous crafters can try... and we all be making beautiful flowers by Spring.