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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pastry Fail . My sad Manju.

A lot of times things don't go how I plan. Today I had something in mind, and what suppose to be cute pastries in the shape of bunnies, ended up melting, cracking and getting deformed.
It might be the fact that I change recipes, try to substitute ingredients or eliminating others, in order to make it a little healthier. But I thought they still deserve a picture for everyone to see.
My attempt was to make this Japanese pastry called Manju, which is filled with a sweet red bean paste, and covered with a rice flour dough.
I first cooked the beans in a pressure cooker for 10 minutes after soaking. Then made the paste in a food processor and sweetened with Stevia.
After cooled made into balls.

Then I made the dough, with rice flour, oil, egg whites, baking powder and sugar- much less than in the recipe(I guess I won't write the recipe here, since it didn't come out good).

The dough is used to cover the little balls, and I intended to make then in the shape of bunnies, or a nice shape ball.
But the poor things melted in the oven, then cracked in the end.

And no amount of nice props or photoshop are able to make them look nice.

But in the end they tasted very good. And they are full of proteins, low in sugar, a very healthy snack.
But I shall try it again, another day!