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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mini lugagge bag for the Tooth Fairy.

My youngest child lost his first tooth, and just because this is one the "last firsts", I decided to make something extra special for this occasion.
I always loved miniatures, and one of the ideas I found on was a matchbox luggage bag.
I had no matchboxes in the house, so I adapted for a bigger version, with 2 boxes of Sugar free Je-llos. I cut the inside parts and made the two parts of the bag.
To make it neater, I cut two pieces of fabric to cover the inside. I used my hot glue gun for this project.
Using a nice print card stock, I covered the outside.
A brown construction paper was ideal to make the parts resembling leather.
The two parts got connected in the bottom with two pieces of paper.
To make the bag close, I used little hooks for clothes, tied to a stretchy string, and glued to the bag.
The glue was covered with pieces of gold paper, and the handle on top also helps cover this area.
Then to decorate, I printed the stamps also from, on this link (it printed full page, so I had to copy in a smaller scale).
The details imitating the seams on the leather were painted with acrylic paint.
So I placed the tooth inside the bag, so Tooth Fairy can carry tonight.
And, Tooth Fairy will leave a letter tonight, together with some change.