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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mimicafe is the Best!

I finally took my first official art class, with the incredible lady from Mimicafe Union. She has such a creative mind, that combined with her hand skills, can create dreams with fondant. Everything looks sooo cute, and I HAD to take one of her workshops.
She is so nice, and starts the day bringing a croissant and a cup of water for her student. The four hours went flying, and definitely it was the best money I paid for something. She showed me her secrets on how to make a little doll face, tiny hands, and how to work with fondant.
It made me so happy and in the end I got my own certificate.
Everyone loved the toppers, and I am so grateful I found Sachiko and her wonderful Mimicafe!

I recommend it to all the crafters around. You'll have a great time.
Thank you Mimicafe.