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Friday, August 23, 2013

Let's fly to Brazil to make Chocolate!

Besides the fact that my trip to Brazil was ultra short- one day for birthday party, one day to meet my family, and two days to finish pending paper work- I had the incredible opportunity to spend five hours with one of the biggest chocolate connoisseur in the country. Not because she is my cousin, but with over ten years of experience with gourmet chocolate, owner of Divas chocolates, writes the food blog Chocolatria, she teaches people the secrets of making the most amazing chocolates, and I was so lucky to have a little bit of her knowledge shared with me.
She was nice enough to squeeze some information in a few hours, and made me put my hands on, and make not only beautiful, but delicious ingredients, including my favorite passion fruit.
I am so very grateful for this experience, as soon I will be applying the skills I learned in my house. Lucky me she is one e-mail away.

I love you Simone Izumi!!