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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cake pops for Alice.

So Meredith texted me last weekend, asking if I would provide some cake pops for her friend's baby shower. Of course I said yes, and of course I complicated the work.
Instead of supplying just the pops, I really was itching to make a centerpiece to stick the pops, plus adding decorations with the theme. So she agreed with the idea, and trusted me with the work. After a few sketches, I decided to start molding the face of the Cheshire Cat. I used Fimo polymer clay to mold, starting with the mouth, then face, then the rest of the body.

Next step was to make tea cups, also with Fimo clay from Michaels. It was a little tricky to make tiny pieces, but with patience I achieved the look I wanted. Also using the same material, I used a rolling pin to open a white piece to make a tablecloth. Then placed little blue squares pieces of the clay and rolled on top to make the pattern effect.
After baked and cooled, I used some gold glittery nail polish for details, and after this layer was dry, I painted with clear nail polish, to give a shinier look.
To continue with the Alice theme, I made some of the card soldiers using cardstock paper from Michaels.

Then I decorated the bottom tier of my piece, made of styrofoam and cardstock around.

Putting everything together, this is how it looked.

Just because I was ahead of schedule, I decided to make more details. So I made some mushroooms, and the catterpillar, using also Fimo polymer clay, then after dried painted with clear nail polish.
I glued everything with a hot glue gun.
So finally getting to the edible part, two days before I made the litte clocks. I rolled out fondant, cut small circles with a cookie cutter then let them dry for a couple of hours. Then using black gel food coloring and a paintbrush, I made the numbers and the pointer. Then using gold food spray, also with a paintbrush, I painted around the clock.
Finally the day before delivery, I made the cake pops using my wonderful Baby Cakes cake pop maker. Then after dipped in chocolate I attached the clocks, also using melted chocolate.
And the final product came out, just the way I had it in my head. It was more work than I expected, but it made me happy. And Meredith was excited to bring it to her party, which made me even happier.