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Friday, August 9, 2013

It is Shark Week!

Since everything sounds like a party, how about get inspired on Shark Week from The Discovery Channel ?
First image I found on the Internet were those gorgeous watermelon sharks, so I decided to give it a try. With some kitchen utensils and a melon baller, I got the look I wanted.
Then for some appetizers, I used my son's favorite cheese BabyBel Light. It was just the perfect shape for some scared fishies. I colored the eyes with black gel food coloring, using a toothpick. The base was made with a piece of styrofoam covered with magazine paper.
Another related item I found is a fish ice cube tray, at Ikea for $0.99. The kids had some V8 juice leftover, so we made the icy fishies. They had fun looking at the water.. And drinking.
The final project was a surfboard with a shark bite. I used a sheet of styrofoam and used my precious special electric styrofoam cutter. Then I painted the board with my kids Art fresco Tempera Paint. After dried, I just placed some stickers I had from my Hawaiian party from last year.
The kids enjoyed and had some water fun in the backyard.